See pictures from the celebration “King Frederick X” of Denmark ascended to the throne 2024

On 14 January 2024, the Prime Minister of Denmark announced the appointment of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark. Ascended the throne as King Frederick X “Succession to the throne Queen Margrethe II His Majesty announced his voluntary abdication of the throne on December 31, 2023.

King Frederik X

King Frederik X

The Danish government organized a royal ceremony to announce the succession and ascension to the throne.King Frederick X He had finished leaving the palace. along with Queen Margrethe who sat in the royal chariot The royal family walks the streets of Copenhagen. Denmark The Danish people gathered together to witness and watch this historic ceremony.

Queen Margrethe II

King Frederick X appeared with Queen Mary of Denmark, His four sons and daughters waved their hands to the crowd on the balcony of Christiansburg Palace. The new king gave a short speech, saying, “My hope is for a united monarchy.”


Denmark 2

Denmark 3

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