Viral in China: Luxury Car Seen in Front of Kindergarten

Lucky kid looks at a luxury car in front of a kindergarten in China Just one picture, but it’s amazing. Knowing the tuition fees, I’m not surprised.

Many parents believe that education should begin when children are young. All parents always strive to send their children to the best quality schools. To provide them with a good educational environment

Of course, the children of wealthy people often attend elite schools. It is a bilingual school with a superior quality and curriculum. Tuition at these schools is not cheap. Only for those who can really afford it.

Recently, the website doisongphapluat reported that netizens in Shanghai Province, China, recently posted photos taken from outside the gates of a famous elite kindergarten in the city. which went viral on Chinese social networks. This made netizens exclaim that it was very different from normal schools.


From the picture you can see that during rush hour We will see many Mercedes-Benz cars parked. Netizens concluded that in this photo There were at least five Mercedes-Benzes and a few Alphards worth more than 1 million yuan (about 5 million baht). All of these cars had one thing in common. is very expensive

It is known that the tuition fees of this school are not ordinary. Monthly tuition is as high as about 50,000 yuan (about 252,000 baht). Parents who can afford to send their children to kindergarten with expensive tuition are certainly not short of money.

Previously, Chinese social networks were flooded with a series of photos documenting the grounds of an elite elementary school. in Shaoxing City Zhejiang Province Recorded images show that luxury cars can be seen everywhere on the road. All high-end car brands Expensive car models are hard to find. Come gather at this school to send your children.

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