Independent Supercar Club Invites Orphanage Children to Tour Jakarta in Lamborghini

The Independent Supercar Club (ISC) Community on Saturday (23/3), held an iftar event with orphans from the Mizan Amanah Orphanage with the theme “Blissful Iftar”.

The event which was held at HW Dragon N Cow Central Park Mall, West Jakarta, was a special moment for these orphans.

They not only enjoyed a luxurious menu for breaking the fast, but also had the rare opportunity to ride in various luxury cars that have become an icon of this club.

“We don’t just gather but also carry out social activities with the children of this orphanage. “We also invite them to come along for a ride in our car,” said ISC coach Hermanto.

Meanwhile, according to Coco HY, one of the founders of ISC, this iftar event is not just about providing luxurious dishes, but also about making children’s dreams come true.

On the way to the place to break the fast, the orphans were also invited to ride in various luxury cars which are the pride of the ISC club.

This provides an unforgettable experience for them. Where the dream of experiencing the sensation of driving in luxury cars can come true.

ISC is not only a gathering place for entrepreneurs and luxury car owners. But it also serves as a platform for networking and socializing.

Through activities such as this breaking fast event, ISC also shows its commitment to providing a positive impact on society. Especially for those who need it.

A Glance at the Independent Supercar Club

ISC, which was founded on February 9 2024 by Coco HY, Venji Hernando, and Jordie Samuel. And it is a place for lovers of exotic cars or supercars.

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This exclusive club has elite members, including young Indonesian entrepreneurs. These include Yosin, Fernando Gunawan, Lianto, Teddy, Budi, Hassan, Agus, as well as Hermanto and Edward Bizon who served as advisors.

“Being a supercar owner is not just about having a luxury vehicle, but also about having a ‘super owner’ feeling,” said Coco HY.

The club offers its members the opportunity to get involved in a variety of activities and events.

Including social events such as breaking fast together with orphaned children, which aims to have a positive impact on the surrounding community.

Every supercar owner, no matter the brand, is valued and considered a member. Membership in this club is based on personal relationships, where members come from their own circle of friends.

Apart from touring in Bogor and having dinner at SCBD, ISC is also planning a touring event next month. According to co-founder Jordie, there will be driving training at the track in Sentul.

“Even though it is currently based in Jakarta, ISC is considering recruiting members from outside the city in the coming years,” he said.

Apart from that, ISC is also a place for its members to exchange information and knowledge about the automotive world, especially in terms of luxury and exclusive cars.

In this way, ISC is not only an exclusive community for super car owners, but also a source of inspiration and insight for automotive enthusiasts in Indonesia.


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