Jimny is expensive, here are 7 SUV cars priced at USD 19.237 USD in 2024

The following are choices or recommendations for new Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) cars with a price of around USD 19.237 in 2024.

It’s no secret that SUVs themselves have been on the rise in recent times.

This kind of car offers a tough impression that makes it seem as if it is ready to be taken anywhere.

The increasing popularity of SUVs is in line with the increasing number of products on the market.

For example, recently Mitsubishi Motors joined the compact SUV class by presenting the XForce.

Previously, Suzuki also presented the latest version of the SUV whose name is quite familiar to the public, namely the Grand Vitara.

Toyota is also noted to have added to its SUV product line by launching the Yaris Cross in 2023.

Recommended SUV Car $19.237 USD

To find out the product choices currently available, Carmudi visited the IIMS 2024 new car exhibition which took place 15-25 February at JIEXpo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

Even though the exhibition is limited in time, the series of cars on this list can be a reference for potential consumers in the future.

More detailed information about the cars in question can be seen below.

1. Mitsubishi XForce

This product was actually officially launched at GIIAS 2023, but is still Mitsubishi Motors’ mainstay at IIMS 2024.

The XForce is suitable for consumers who want a compact SUV with a dashing appearance, a spacious cabin, and wheels on large rims.

Please note that XForce is only available in two variants, namely Exceed CVT and Ultimate CVT.

With a budget of USD 19,237 consumers can look at the Exceed CVT variant which is offered for USD 24,361.

However, unfortunately, consumers will not get XForce’s superior features, such as driving modes and Yamaha Premium Dynamic Sound.

2. Honda BR-V N7X Edition

Honda took advantage of IIMS 2024 to launch the BR-V N7X Edition which is said to be a special grade.

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In general, the appearance of the new car is still the same as the regular BR-V, but there are differences in the body color.

The BR-V N7X Edition provides a sand khaki body color which was previously only available on the HR-V.

Then the BR-V N7X Edition body kit also has a slightly different design with checkered accents so it looks tougher.

Apart from that, the all-black rim color plus a special emblem also differentiates this variant.

Like other BR-V variants, this variant is also sold at a price range of USD 19.237 or more precisely starting from USD 20,482 to USD 23,303.

There are no changes to the engine for this variant.

3. Hyundai Creta

Hyundai also took advantage of IIMS 2024 to update its SUV product line by releasing the Creta Alpha.

However, unfortunately the top variant has a selling price of USD 27,048.

Prospective consumers can look at the variants below if the budget is tied to USD 19.237,98.

Based on searches, the middle variant of the Creta Style is priced at USD 24,579 . For this variant, the only option is the IVT automatic transmission.

If you want a more affordable option, there is the Creta Trend variant which is sold at USD 21,835 for the IVT transmission and USD 20,475 for the manual.

For your information, the Creta itself will first launch in Indonesia in 2021.

Unlike the Indian market, which has undergone a facelift, the Creta in the Indonesian market still relies on the form that was introduced two years ago.

4. Suzuki Grand Vitara

Even though it was launched last year at the same exhibition, the Grand Vitara is still an attractive choice in the USD 19.237,98 SUV class.

The Grand Vitara is only available in two variants, namely, GL with a price tag of USD 23,047 and GX which is offered at USD 24,650.

Specifically, the GX variant is equipped with a panoramic sunroof which adds a luxurious impression.

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Meanwhile, the driving features it has include cruise control, paddle shifters, and hill hold control.

This car is equipped with Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki (SHVS) technology as can also be found on the Ertiga and XL7.

Meanwhile, the engine uses the K15C code which has slight differences from the K15B engine.

The K15C engine is known to use Dualjet technology, which means it has two fuel injectors positioned close to the intake valve.

Dualjet technology is useful in making the fuel spraying process smoother.

5. Chery Omoda 5

Chery is one of the brands from China that will enliven IIMS 2024 with various superior products.

One of the cars on display is the Omoda 5 SUV, which has been launched since early 2023.

Omoda 5 could be an option for consumers who are eyeing an SUV priced at USD 19.237,98.

Especially for the Omoda 5 Z variant which is observed to be offered for USD 21,469.

Even though it is not the highest, this variant has very complete features including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

This variant only loses luxury supporting features, such as six-way electric seat settings for the driver’s seat, power tailgate, ventilated seats, or a power sunroof which is only available on the Omoda 5 RZ variant.

6. Wuling Alvez

The next car choice for consumers who want an SUV priced at USD 19.237,98 is the Wuling Alvez.

Even with a budget of USD 19.237, consumers can get the Alvez EX, which is none other than the highest variant of this car.

The advantages of this variant include having complete ADAS features which cannot be found in the variants below, namely the Alvez CE and Alvez SE.

Apart from that, the highest Alvez EX variant is also equipped with an electric sunroof.

Alvez itself is equipped with an engine with a capacity of 1,485 cc which can produce a maximum power of 105 hp and a maximum torque of 143 Nm.

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7. Toyota Yaris Cross

Prospective consumers can also look at the Yaris Cross when looking for an SUV priced at USD 19.237,98.

However, this means consumers have to choose the lowest variant, namely the Yaris Cross G, which is sold at USD 22,508 for the manual and USD 23,342 for the automatic version.

This model uses a 1,496 cc engine with the code 2NR-VE with a top power of 106 hp and a peak torque of 138 Nm.

Conclusion SUV Car USD 19.237

These are several choices of SUVs that will be sold in the price range of USD 19,237.98 in 2024.

The increasing SUV trend is accompanied by the many choices presented by manufacturers.

SUVs have their own charm, including the impression of being tough and ready to go anywhere.

Next, let’s look at some questions on the internet about related topics.

What is the Difference Between SUV and MPV?

SUVs prioritize the ability to traverse various road terrains while MPVs offer comfort and passenger carrying capacity.

Several manufacturers offer crossover products that combine the advantages of SUVs and MPVs.

What are the advantages of SUV cars?

Generally, SUVs have high ground clearance so drivers don’t need to worry when passing through damaged roads.


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