Norway: 4,717 New Electric Over 80 percent of new cars sold in Norway


Specifically, 4,717 electric cars were newly registered in Norway in the first month of the new year. This is evident from statistics from the Norwegian Road Authority. This is almost four times as many (+281.3%) as in the same month last year. However, January 2023 was an extremely weak month for the car market there (and even for a January). This can be seen from the fact that the market grew by 175.5 percent across all drives this January. In other words: With 5,122 new registrations, exactly 3,263 more cars were put on the roads in January 2024 than in the same month last year. At that time the e-rate was only 66.5 percent.

To demonstrate the magnitude, it should be mentioned that an average of 8,715 new electric cars were registered every month in 2023. The 4,717 electric cars from last month are the expected below-average start to the year. The 4,717 electric cars in Norway were joined by 94 plug-in hybrids last month (January 2023: 182). The share of cars with plugs in the overall market was 94 percent.

The Tesla Model Y again secured first place in the model ranking with 962 new registrations, ahead of the Hyundai Kona (282) and the Nissan Leaf (263). This means a market share of 19 percent for the Tesla Model Y and 5.5 and 5.1 percent for the other two cars.

The Norwegian Road Authority (Opplysningsrådet for veitrafikken, OFV for short) recently presented the statistics for December and the entire year 2023. From January to December 2023, 104,590 electric cars and 10,169 plug-in hybrids were newly registered. Over the past twelve months, purely electric cars accounted for 82.4 percent of total new car registrations.

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The most successful model was by far the Tesla Model Y, which recorded 23,085 new registrations in Norway for the year as a whole. This means that the Model Y will have a market share of 18 percent in 2023 (after 10 percent in 2022). Following far behind are the VW ID.4 with 6,614 new registrations accumulated over the year (5.2 percent market share), the Skoda Enyaq with 5,740 new registrations (4.5 percent) and the Toyota bZ4X with 5,395 new registrations (4.2 percent).


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