World premiere of the VW ID.7 Tourer: The variant has electric competition

World premiere of the VW ID.7
World premiere of the VW ID.7

While the new Passat generation is only available as a station wagon, Volkswagen started with the electric ID.7 with the sedan – you can read our first driving report on the MEB sedan here. With the ID.7 Tourer, VW is now also launching an electric station wagon in the middle class – but there is no traditional variant name suffix, the ID.7 station wagon is a “tourer”.

According to VW, the “Tourer” is a “fusion of a classic variant in the format of the Passat and a particularly dynamic shooting brake in the style of the Arteon”. The rear is therefore higher than that of the dynamic Arteon Shooting Brake and even higher than that of a sedan. But the roofline still drops visibly earlier and ends in a flatter rear window than on the Passat.

And yes, the ID.7 Tourer can’t quite keep up with the Variant. The Passat station wagon holds up to 1,920 liters with the rear seat backs folded down; in the ID.7, which is designed somewhat more for lifestyle, it has a maximum of 1,714 liters. With up to five people (and therefore the rear seat backs raised), 605 liters still fit in the tourer.

Incidentally, VW does not want to recognize a direct competition situation. “Both series complement each other and together cover all relevant drive types – from the pure electric drive in the ID.7 and ID.7 Tourer to the plug-in hybrid, mild hybrid, petrol and diesel drive in the Passat. “Volkswagen offers an extremely wide range of models in the upper middle class with the latest development status,” says the statement.

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When it comes to the drive, the tourer uses the technology of the sedan – after all, this is also an MEB model. With the stronger and more efficient APP550 electric motor, which made its debut in the sedan, there was a significant update to the drive, but at the development stage, competing models (admittedly not as a station wagon) have already reached 800-volt technology.

This means: At the European market launch there will be two variants that differ in terms of the battery. The ID.7 Tourer Pro uses the well-known 77 kWh battery, while the ID.7 Tourer Pro S has 86 kWh of energy in the underbody (similar to the sedan). VW is not yet providing final homologated range data. Based on current forecasts, the larger battery is expected to last up to 685 kilometers according to WLTP – for the sedan with this battery it is up to 700 kilometers. The aforementioned APP550 with 210 kW of power and 545 Nm of torque takes over the propulsion regardless of the battery.

ID.7 Tourer Pro ID.7 Tourer Pro S
drive RWD RWD
Performance 210kW 210kW
Torque 545 Nm 545 Nm
WLTPRange not specified 685 km (forecast)
Battery capacity (net) 77 kWh 86 kWh
Charging power DC 175kW 200kW
Charging time DC 10-80% 28 mins <30 mins

The 77 kWh battery can be charged at a corresponding fast charging station with up to 175 kW; the Pro S with 86 kWh has a peak of up to 200 kW. According to VW, the standard charging process for the ID.7 Pro from ten to 80 percent should take 28 minutes; for the ID.7 Pro S it should be “well under 30 minutes” – i.e. in the same order of magnitude. An onboard charger with 11 kW is installed for AC charging. As with the sedan, the battery is automatically preconditioned for planned quick charging stops; alternatively, manual activation is also possible via the charging menu in the infotainment.

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There are no surprises in the interior of the station wagon – the layout with the larger touchscreen and the new menu navigation is familiar from the sedan. The ID.7 Tourer also has the latest version of the IDA voice assistant – as announced at CES with integrated ChatGPT functionality. The system should be able to answer “targeted questions in all conceivable areas” because it accesses online databases and ChatGPT’s AI.

An optional “Wellness In-Car App” is also new on board. It can be used to adjust various vehicle functions using preconfigured programs to perfect your well-being while driving or taking breaks.

Let’s briefly talk about the hard facts: At 4.96 meters, the tourer is just as long as the sedan, and the wheelbase is also the same at 2.97 meters – after all, both models are built together in Emden, Lower Saxony. The dimensions of the footprint in the trunk are also the same, with a width of one meter and a length of 1.07 meters up to the rear seats. The 73 additional liters as a five-seater and 128 liters more with the rear seat backs folded are due to the new roofline and the different trunk lid. There is a trailer hitch, but in the announcement about the ID:7 Tourer VW only mentions the tongue load of 75 kilograms, which should be enough for two e-bikes on one bike rack. However, it can be assumed that the trailer load will be 1,200 kilograms, like the sedan.

VW only allows a higher trailer load for the MEB models with all-wheel drive. This has not yet been announced for the ID.7 – regardless of the body – but is likely.

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VW is not yet announcing prices for the premiere of the ID.7 Tourer. However, the station wagon will be more expensive than the sedan, which in the case of the ID.7 Pro is currently on the list at 56,995 euros. With the “environmental bonus” valid until the end of March, the sedan is currently available in Germany from 52,235 euros, but the station wagon will no longer benefit from the promotion.

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