Tesla Model Y facelift won’t come until 2025 / Opel E-Combo and E-Monavo orders start

Tesla Model Y facelift won't come until 2025 / Opel E-Combo and E-Monavo orders start
Tesla Model Y facelift won't come until 2025 / Opel E-Combo and E-Monavo orders start

The anticipated facelift for Tesla’s Model Y won’t be hitting US showrooms until the end of 2024, pushing into Q1-Q2 of 2025.

1 – Opel Combo Electric and Movano Electric can be ordered

Opel opened the order books for two light electric commercial vehicles in Germany this week: The Combo Electric is available from 31,250 euros net, the Movano Electric starts at 55,800 euros net. The Combo Electric is Opel’s smallest commercial vehicle, while the Movano Electric is the brand’s largest electric van. Opel has been accepting orders for the middle model in the five-meter class, the Vivaro Electric, since mid-December.

2 – Kia EV8 is supposed to be the electric successor to the Stinger

Kia is apparently working on a fully electric successor to the Stinger. The electric car could go into production in 2026 as the Kia EV8. Korean blogs are already speculating about the first technical data for the electric sedan. Accordingly, the sedan will be the first Kia model based on the Hyundai Group’s new eM electric platform. According to previous reports, this will first be introduced with the Genesis GV90 next year.

3 – Tesla Model Y Juniper is reportedly not coming until 2025

The planned facelift for the Tesla Model Y will apparently not come onto the market in 2024. What had already made the rounds in rumors has now been explained by Tesla itself to its own sales representatives in North America. The background to the postponement is that some customers are apparently delaying their order for the Model Y because they are waiting for the revised version. This would not necessarily have consequences for Europe and the rest of the world because Tesla also produces the vehicles for North America in North America – in the case of the Model Y in Fremont and Austin. And when it came to the Model 3 facelift with the nickname Highland, North America only had its turn a few months after the changeover in the Giga Shanghai.

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4 – H2 Barge 2 – Hydrogen cargo ship on the Rhine

A hydrogen cargo ship will soon be sailing between the Netherlands and Germany. A few days ago, the initiators of the EU Flagships project presented their first inland waterway vessel that was converted to fuel cell propulsion. The freighter is called “H2 Barge 2” and has an output of 1.2 megawatts. The ship will now commute on the Rhine between Rotterdam and Duisburg. The now finished hydrogen freighter is the result of several initiatives: the boat is the first demonstrator for the EU Flagships project.

5 – Shell closes H2 car filling stations in California

We’ll stay with hydrogen for a moment: However, it is on the decline on the road. In any case, the oil company Shell is now permanently closing all of its seven hydrogen filling stations for cars in California. Shell justifies this with “supply problems and other external market factors,” as it says. This means that the hydrogen filling station network in the US state is shrinking enormously. The group had already put plans for a further 48 new hydrogen filling stations for cars on hold in September.


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