Lucid changes Air offering with new base model

Lucid changes Air offering with new base model
Lucid changes Air offering with new base model

The Lucid Air Pure RWD has been available in the USA since October 2023. The European model with a WLTP range of up to 747 kilometers is now available in this country from 85,000 euros. With its rear-wheel drive, the model can accelerate to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds. A 92 kWh battery is installed in the underbody – in more expensive versions, a battery with 113 kWh energy content is also available.

While the large battery can be charged with up to 300 kW, Lucid specifies a charging capacity of up to 250 kW for the 92 kWh battery pack – but a charging time of ten to 80 percent is not mentioned. There is another advantage: Since the smaller battery pack is flatter with 18 instead of 22 modules, the footwell in front of the rear seats is eight centimeters deeper – which, according to Lucid, should result in significantly more legroom and an even more comfortable seating position.

The previously offered Air Pure AWD has been canceled. The all-wheel drive model with the Pure equipment was not on the German market for long: According to previous information, the first examples were delivered in the fourth quarter of 2023, and Lucid is now no longer accepting new orders. The Air Pure AWD had an output of 353 kW, so the new rear-wheel drive car is not much weaker – despite having one less engine.

In order to support sales, the US company had significantly reduced prices: the Air Touring, which was once offered in Germany for 129,000 euros, is now available from 99,000 euros, and the Air Grand Touring is available from 129,000 euros. Lucid offered the Air Pure AWD, which has now been taken out of the range, for 109,000 euros – the rear-wheel drive model with this equipment is clearly in five figures with a base price of 85,000 euros.

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The model range is expected to grow this year: the top version Air Sapphire is also expected to come onto the German market in the third quarter of 2024 at prices starting at 250,000 euros.

By the way: The Air Pure RWD, which has now been launched in Europe, has now become even cheaper in the USA, with the model now starting at $69,900 (minus $7,500). Lucid Motors has also lowered the prices for the other variants again: the Air Touring is now available from 77,900 dollars (minus 8,000 dollars) and the Air Grand Touring from 109,900 (minus 1,000 dollars).


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