Hyundai is also launching a discount campaign for electric cars


According to the Offenbach-based company, the discount of at least 7,000 euros refers to the recommended retail price of Hyundai Motor Deutschland GmbH for the respective model. For the Kona Elektro (list price from 41,990 euros), the base price for the rest of the quarter is 34,990 euros. For the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6, both of which actually cost from 43,900 euros, the offer price is therefore 36,900 euros. “Participating Hyundai dealers offer buyers of the battery-electric models the bonus on top of their house price, which more than compensates for the loss of government subsidies for electric cars,” the statement says.

In the case of the Kona Elektro, the entry-level version with the 48.4 kWh battery is available for this base price – the drive has an output of 115 kW and the WLTP range is 377 kilometers. The larger 65.4 kWh battery costs 5,200 euros more – including the higher-quality Trend equipment. The 160 kW model with a range of up to 514 kilometers according to WLTP is available from 40,190 euros – and therefore cheaper than the regular Kona Electric with the small battery.

While the Kona Elektro is known to be based on a 400-volt platform and the model is also offered as a gasoline engine and hybrid, the two Ioniq models are designed purely as electric cars and have Hyundai’s 800-volt system, which means extremely high DC -Charging performance enabled. The Ioniq 5 is factory-equipped with a 58 kWh battery and a 125 kW rear-wheel drive. For the asking price of 36,900 euros there is 384 kilometers of WLTP range. The optional 77.4 kWh battery (then with 168 kW drive power) actually costs 4,000 euros extra, but is always linked to the Dynamiq package, which is why the actual surcharge is 10,900 euros – and thus the offer price for 507 WLTP kilometers at 47,800 euros. The 239 kW all-wheel drive costs another 4,000 euros more, so it is available in the “spring weeks” from 51,800 euros.

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The Ioniq 6 uses the same E-GMP basis as the Ioniq 5, but is designed as a particularly aerodynamic sedan. The basic model therefore has a smaller battery of 53 kWh (drive power 111 kW), and the WLTP range of 429 kilometers is significantly higher than the basic Ioniq-5. The large battery is also linked to the Dynamiq package here and therefore costs 10,100 euros more – which makes the offer a smooth 47,000 euros, but there is also 614 kilometers of WLTP range. The 239 kW all-wheel drive is even tied to the Techniq package in the Ioniq 6 and therefore costs a proud 17,200 euros extra – at 54,100 euros it is the most expensive model in the offer.

“In order to make the switch to electromobility as easy as possible, at the ‘Hyundai Spring Weeks’ we are not only compensating for the federal government’s loss of electric car funding. We offer those who don’t want to go electric yet one of the most modern and efficient SUVs on the German market at a very attractive price,” says Christina Herzog, Director of Marketing & PR at Hyundai Motor Deutschland GmbH.

In the past few weeks, numerous car manufacturers have launched discount or leasing campaigns for their electric models in order to compensate for the loss of the environmental bonus after its premature end. For some manufacturers, however, this was limited to private customers who were eligible to apply until recently, while Hyundai Germany also expressly includes commercial customers.


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