Chrysler shows electric sports coupe as a study

Chrysler shows electric sports
Chrysler shows electric sports

The special battery cells come from Lyten, a battery developer supported by Stellantis. Critical raw materials such as nickel, cobalt and manganese are omitted and the Lyten battery is also said to result in an estimated 60 percent lower CO2 footprint compared to today’s “best-in-class” batteries. The concept car’s battery should also be able to be charged inductively while driving.

However, Chrysler is still holding back with concrete technical data about the battery or the electric drive of the Halcyon Concept – it doesn’t even mention an expected range. It is therefore doubtful that there will soon be lithium-sulfur batteries in series vehicles based on the STLA Large. Otherwise, significantly more advantages of the technology would have been cited compared to NMC or LFP cells.

There is also no precise information about inductive charging while driving. Stellantis only refers to the partnership on DWPT technology (Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer) that began in 2022, when the company participated in the “Arena del Futuro” test track together with ElectReon and Iveco. In the announcement about the Halcyon Concpet, Chrysler at least paints the picture of the future that you could drive from New York to Seattle without recharging. However, there are no concrete plans to introduce the technology in cars or install such charging coils in the USA.

Nevertheless, the Halcyon Concept provides some interesting perspectives on Chrysler’s electric future: Instead of the beefy front of a Chrysler 300, the study is characterized by emphatically aerodynamic lines. The flat front and the curved roof arch are classic approaches to improving the air flow around the body. With the Halcyon Concept, Chrysler goes a few steps further.

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The front section is basically hollow and air can flow through it in a targeted manner, which reduces air resistance – but there is no room for a frunk. By the way: In order to make optimal use of the space in the interior under the flat rear window, the designers used Chrysler vans: As in the family vans, the rear seats in the Halcyon Concept can not only be folded down, but also flat into the trunk floor if necessary integrate. This gives customers the choice between storage space or additional seats.

In addition to the body design, the focus of the study is on networking and driving assistants. The Halcyon Concept is intended to use the “STLA AutoDrive” technology platform for Level 4 autonomous driving. At Level 4, both the steering wheel and pedals can be retracted as the vehicle takes control. Chrysler promises that the windshield could then be darkened to create a lounge-like atmosphere.

Chrysler doesn’t have a single electric model on the market yet and the new concept looks anything but production-oriented. However, the brand confirms its plan to bring its first BEV model onto the market in 2025 and to only offer electric cars from 2028.

At CES 2022, Chrysler presented its Airflow Concept, which probably has a good chance of being implemented as the brand’s first BEV series model. For 2026 (DE / EN) Chrysler is reportedly also planning an electric sedan as a successor to the Chrysler 300.


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