Pertalite wants to be abolished this year, this is Gaikindo’s response

Jakarta – It is planned that the Pertalite type of fuel oil (BBM) will be phased out this year.

Kukuh Kumara, General Secretary of the Association of Motor Vehicle Industries (Gaikindo) supports Pertalite being abolished. According to him, Pertalite is a type of fuel that is not environmentally friendly.

“Is Pertalite a good or bad fuel from an emissions perspective? Bad isn’t it? Yes, because it is high in sulfur. “We should move towards something cleaner,” said Kukuh in Jakarta some time ago.

If Pertalite is removed, it will reportedly be replaced with Pertamax Green 92.

For information, Pertamax Green 92 is a mixture of Pertalite and seven percent Ethanol. This fuel is considered more environmentally friendly.

Apart from that, it is reported that the fuel will be subsidized by the government.

Reporting from the official Pertamina website, this state-owned company has stated its commitment to supporting the government’s target of achieving Net Zero Emission (NZE) by 2060.

Pertamina also plans to sell only three types of fuel in 2024 for petrol engine vehicle users, namely Pertamax Green 92, Pertamax Green 95, and Pertamax Turbo.

Just like Pertamax Green 92, Pertamax Green 95 is a mixture of Pertamax and renewable raw materials, namely five percent Bioethanol. This type of fuel is also claimed to be environmentally friendly.

Bioethanol comes from sugar cane molasses which is processed into fuel grade Ethanol.

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Pertamina fuel prices January 2024

Currently, Pertamina still sells five types of fuel in Indonesia, namely Pertamax, Pertamax Green 95, Pertamax Turbo, Dexlite, and Pertamax Dex.

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Below are the prices for the five types of fuel as of January 2024 in the Jakarta area.

Fuel type Price Per Liter
Pertamax Rp. 12,950
Pertamax Green 95 Rp. 13,900
Pertamax Turbo Rp. 14,400
Dexlite Rp. 14,550
Pertamax Dex Rp. 15,100



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