VW launches short-term leasing campaign for the ID.3

VW launches
VW launches

In an email – obviously based on Valentine’s Day this week, because the title is “ID.3 Lease it, love it – fall in love again” – there is talk of a monthly rate starting at 222 euros. There is an ID.3 Pro for this, i.e. the model with the 58 kWh battery and the 150 kW drive. The offer also includes maintenance and inspection, covers 24 months at 10,000 kilometers per year and a one-off special payment of 890 euros. If you choose the ID.3 with the MOVE promotional package, VW gives a rate of 259 euros per month – with slightly better equipment.

The rates that VW states in the announcement are obviously not an unrealistically low enticement offer, because it can be even cheaper. The ID.3 Pro can be found on leasing comparison portals such as “Leasingmarkt” at rates starting at 151 euros per month – also for 24 months and 10,000 km/year. There is one point to note with these offers: The maintenance package is a mandatory component and is not yet included in the leasing rate – so there is an additional 25 euros per month. There is no special payment of 890 euros here, but transfer costs of exactly this amount are due – so it makes no difference. The lessor here is also Volkswagen Leasing GmbH.

According to the advertisements, the total leasing amount for the ID.3 Pro without the mandatory maintenance package is 3,624 euros for those two years. If you add the 25 euros per month, you get 4,224 euros. The gross list price of the vehicle in the advertisement is 32,975 euros. This is the well-known base price with the “environmental bonus” that VW has been granting since January until the end of March. Since then, the ID.3 Pro has had a discount of 7,020 euros, bringing the price down from 39,995 euros to 32,975 euros.

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Volkswagen gave its first MEB model a facelift in spring 2023, but this only involved adjustments to the design and, above all, the interior. The technology has remained unchanged since the world premiere in 2019 – the new, more efficient APP550 electric motor is not yet available in the ID.3. You can read about what the facelift brought about in our test.

Even though the ID.3 gained significantly with the revision, demand remained rather low. During the production breaks at the Zwickau plant, the ID.3 and Cupra Born production line was repeatedly affected; VW Sachsen also canceled the night shift for this line in mid-November 2023 – so production is not running at the maximum possible level.


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