Minister of Industry Releases Indonesian Modifiers to Show Off at Osaka Auto Messe

A series of modified products and cars created by Indonesian modifiers will appear at the Osaka Auto Messe in Japan on 10–12 February 2024.

This was welcomed by the Minister of Industry (Menperin) Agus Gumiwang who asked the modifiers to show the ability and creativity of the nation’s children.

“Turn the diversity we have into creative ideas for modification that other countries don’t have. “These positive values ​​will ultimately increase Indonesia’s national economic growth,” he said.

Minister of Industry Agus conveyed this at the press conference for the Indonesia Modification and Lifestyle Expo (IMX) 2024, on Wednesday (24/1/2024) in Jakarta.


In fact, the IMX 2024 event initiated by the National Modifier and Aftermarket Association (NMAA) will only be held on 4-6 October at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD, Tangerang.

However, before that, NMAA will bring a modified Mitsubishi Evo 9 car made by Indonesian modifiers to appear at the Osaka Auto Messe.

It is said that the car was modified by coach builder Saber Industries with the involvement of several other modification industry players, such as Yoong Motor, Premium Auto Wrap, and Free Flow artists.

The presence of this car at the exhibition in Sakura Country will highlight Indonesia’s identity through batik graphics full of local wisdom.

“NMAA is also collaborating with Shizka Prive as an Indonesian batik designer who will accompany the nation’s best products by bringing batik with the Batik Temptation theme which will be used by the models at the Indonesian booth in Osaka later,” said Andre Mulyadi, Founder of NMAA.

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Bring Dozens of Modified Products to Japan

Overall, NMAA will bring dozens of products from Indonesia to the Osaka Auto Messe later.

One example is the Turbo Bastard Wheel rim by Gofar Hilman and WetShine car care products.

It is known that several brands will launch products there.

Andre said that it is hoped that the departure of Indonesian representatives to Osaka Auto Messe will inspire the presence of new modified products in Indonesia.

“We simultaneously continue to encourage the automotive industry, especially national modifications,” said Andre.


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