ProLogium Opens First Factory For Series Production Of Solid-State Cells

As the company now announces, production began there at the end of 2023 and ProLogium plans to begin deliveries to car manufacturers later this year. ProLogium therefore assumes that the first electric car with its solid-state batteries from Taoyuan will come onto the market in 2024. A launch customer or a specific model is not mentioned – the OEM partners known to date include Nio, Vinfast and Mercedes-Benz.

If the factory in Taoyuan, which has now opened, reaches its full production capacity of two gigawatt hours per year, that will be enough for up to 26,000 electric vehicles, as ProLogium calculates – this would result in around 77 kWh per vehicle. With the current 500 MWh, it should be enough for 6,500 vehicles with the same battery size.

As part of the event, ProLogium also presented a 106 Ah solid-state cell that not only has a solid electrolyte, but also an anode with a high silicon content – although the proportion is not precisely quantified. No other details about the cell itself are known.

Because on the occasion of the factory opening, ProLogium is primarily concerned with the production itself. The announcement states that the production efficiency in the new factory is 2.6 times higher than in the company’s original facility. The factory not only works at twice the production speed, but also with “innovative manufacturing technologies” that were developed by ProLogium itself and gradually tested on the test facility. This is intended to increase production efficiency and quality while reducing manufacturing costs. The latter in particular has previously been a major challenge for battery cells with solid electrolytes

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For Europe, the opening in Taiwan is not only relevant because of the Mercedes connection: the plant in Taoyuan also serves as a demonstration factory for ProLogium’s first European production site in the northern French port city of Dunkerque. As reported, this will be designed for an annual capacity of 48 GWh and, according to the company’s latest information, series production will begin in 2027.

According to its own information, ProLogium will invest up to 5.2 billion euros in Dunkerque/Dunkirk. The Taoyuan facility was significantly cheaper, especially due to its size. The company has invested the equivalent of 123 million euros here. A delegation from Dunkirk was also present at the opening of the facility, as were representatives from Mercedes-Benz, FEV and Posco.

“This is the world’s first mass production line of solid-state lithium batteries, mainly for electric cars. EV manufacturers are our future partners,” company founder and CEO Vincent Yang said at a media briefing, according to the Taipei Times. “Some projects could go into mass production this year.”


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