Worldwide Electrical Sales. Model Y and BYD at the Top

Vehicles equipped with rechargeable batteries, namely electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV), were once again the most popular among global consumers, as, in September, they saw their sales rise by 23% compared to the same period of the previous year. This is what EV-Volumes says, through analyst José Pontes, whose published data also allows us to conclude that rechargeable ones contain 17% of share of the global market. With 100% electric vehicles accounting for 12% of sales, with 890 thousand units, while PHEVs are responsible for the remaining 5%, which corresponds to around 400 thousand vehicles.

From January to September, global consumers purchased 9.4 million rechargeable vehicles, allowing them to hold 16% of the market, after growing 39% compared to the previous period. Trams were responsible for the sale of 6.5 million units, ahead of PHEVs with 2.8 million.

Among the best-selling BEV and PHEV models in September, the Tesla Model Y led the way ranking with 121,258 units, beating BYD Song Plus with 63,800 (of which only 10,108 are electric), the BYD Qin Plus with 43,010 (11,844 BEV). The BYD Atto 3 came in 5th position with 35,378 vehicles. Among the 10 best-selling models with rechargeable batteries, eight are from Chinese brands and manufactured in China, with the majority being sold in the domestic market. The Tesla Model Y occupies 1st place, and the Tesla Model 3, in 8th position with 26,058 units.

If the ranking of sales were based on the first nine months of 2023, the Model Y would maintain dominance with 892,061 units, ahead of the BYD Song (432,091 BEV and PHEV units) and the Model 3 (385,786 units). With the less good result of September due to the introduction of the new version of the North American saloon. These first three are followed by seven Chinese models, produced by BYD, GAC and Wuling.

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The Model Y led among models, but Among manufacturers, BYD sells the most, having transacted 272,728 vehicles in September. Next, in the ranking of the brands that sold the most BEV and PHEV in the world, Tesla (154,009 units), GAC (51,034), BMW (48,908), SAIC-GM-Wuling (43,208), Volkswagen (40,465), Mercedes (37,323), Changan (36,675 ), Li Auto (36,060) and SAIC (35,104).


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