Volkswagen is said to be flirting with solid-state batteries from Blue Solutions

Blue Solutions
Blue Solutions

Reuters reports, citing an insider, that Volkswagen may establish an official collaboration “in the coming months.” Volkswagen declined to comment on the rumors to Reuters. A spokesperson for Blue Solutions confirmed the company’s involvement in developing a passenger car battery, disclosing existing development contracts with BMW and another company while negotiating with a third. The spokesperson added that Blue Solutions is working on a car battery with a 20-minute charging time and aims to construct a “Gigafactory” for it by 2029.

Blue Solutions, a solid-state battery manufacturer under the French Bolloré Group, boasts extensive experience dating back to French research in the 1980s. It currently stands as the sole producer of commercialized solid-state cells, modules, and packs globally, with production facilities in France and Canada. The subsidiary, based in Ergué-Gabéric, specializes in solid-state batteries using patented lithium-metal-polymer technology. In a past interview, the now-retired Jean-Luc Monfort, Blue Solutions’ predecessor, expressed the company’s goal of advancing the technology for applications in the passenger car industry, recognizing the market’s collaborative nature within Europe.

Volkswagen’s potential collaboration aligns with its existing partnership with QuantumScape on solid-state batteries. PowerCo, Volkswagen’s battery subsidiary, confirmed progress in solid-state battery cell development with its US partner. Reuters notes a delay in commercialization compared to the initial schedule. Volkswagen, a major QuantumScape shareholder, entered a development cooperation with the American company in 2018, with previous targets, such as integrating the technology into electric cars by 2025, deemed no longer feasible.

Amidst this, Blue Solutions is expanding its network, having Daimler Bus as a customer for the solid-state battery in the Mercedes eCitaro. The company has also recently formed collaborations with Li-Metal, a Canadian lithium metal anode developer, French battery manufacturer Forsee Power, and Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn.


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