Operational Costs of the Mitsubishi L100 EV Electric Car Benefit Entrepreneurs

The Mitsubishi L100 EV electric car is said to have very low operating costs when compared to conventional fuel vehicles.

It is hoped that the presence of this small electric car will be an environmentally friendly solution for Indonesian people, especially business people.

Hikaru Mii, Director of Production MMKSI said that using the L100 EV electric car can cut operational costs by up to 70 percent.

“Based on the results of the proof of concept (POC), this vehicle can save costs of up to 70 percent compared to conventional vehicles,” he said in a question and answer session, Friday (16/2/2024).

In a POC conducted by Mitsubishi with several companies, the L100 EV was proven to have low operational costs when used daily.

According to Mitsubishi, one of the points that is said to cut operational costs is the lower annual tax and charging costs.

“This car can reduce prices because the annual tax is very small for the L100 EV. “Saving service is certain, because this electric car is economical to maintain,” he continued.

This Japanese company actually sells the Mitsubishi L100 EV to the wider public, but its main target is towards fleet and also distribution companies.

“That’s right, we can sell it for retail to consumers. “But, the target is fleet and distribution,” added Intan Vidiasari, General Manager of Marketing and PR at MMKSI.

Can be rented for 5 years

In the same session it was also explained that the Mitsubishi L100 EV could also be rented through the Mitsubishi network in Indonesia.

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Consumers or companies who want to rent can spend IDR 6.7 million per month with a contract period of 5 years.

“We have collaborated with rental companies, consumers can pay IDR 6.7 million a month for a period of 5 years,” said Yoshio Igarashi, Director of Sales & Marketing Division MMKSI.

The renter can then contact the intended rental company such as Dipo Star Finance, Takari Tokoh Sejahtera, and Srikandi Multi Rental.

People themselves can rent it for less than 5 years, but this will result in higher rental costs.

“If you want to shorten the rental period to 3 years, it will result in higher rental costs,” explained Budi Dermawan as Head of Regional Sales Group, Sales & Marketing Division MMKSI.

The brand with the 3 diamond logo dares to run this rental scheme because it has seen the company’s habits.

Generally, companies that rent vehicles will use the rental fleet for an average of 5 years.


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