InDrive Ride-hailing Application Still Popular in Downloads

The inDrive ride-hailing application was able to achieve the position as the second most downloaded in the world throughout 2023. This global urban mobility and service platform, which operates in 46 countries, has been able to maintain this position since 2021.

This achievement was successfully maintained for two consecutive years, according to inDrive also reached a major milestone, ranking as the fourth most downloaded app worldwide in the Travel category. shows total inDrive app downloads at 66.6 million in 2023, based on Google Play and App Store data (China only for iOS).

inDrive successfully maintained its position as the second most downloaded ride-hailing application globally, inDrive holds the number one position in many countries, including Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Peru and Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Nepal, while remaining in the 1st position. 2nd and 3rd in more than 17 countries making inDrive the top choice for travelers based on releases.

inDrive penetration is quite positive in Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Peru and Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Nepal

inDrive penetration is quite positive in Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Peru and Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Nepal

Throughout its development, by utilizing a unique peer-to-peer pricing model, inDrive remains committed to its mission of challenging social injustice globally by helping create affordable transportation options for passengers and fair earning opportunities for drivers. The company is also trying to reduce emissions and is starting to increase its fleet of electric motorbikes in various regions.

In Indonesia itself, inDrive officially launched the electric motorbike transportation option in June 2023 starting from Jakarta. The presence of this mode of transportation is proof of inDrive’s commitment to working on the market in Indonesia by providing quality and affordable services for its users.

10.55% inDrive app discount

10.55% inDrive app discount

“We are pleased that inDrive managed to maintain its position as the second most downloaded ride-hailing app globally, a testament to the extraordinary efforts of our team and the trust our users place in us,” said Arsen Tomsky, Founder and CEO of inDrive.

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“At inDrive, our core mission is to fight injustice, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing reliable mobility services at fair prices, as we create meaningful revenue opportunities for people in all the communities where we operate. “As we celebrate this milestone, we remember that we measure inDrive’s success not just by the number of downloads, but by the broader impact we have on our community and the world,” he added.

Improving the quality of inDrive services in Indonesia

The inDrive first aid program was attended by 200 participants

The inDrive first aid program was attended by 200 participants

Slowly but surely inDrive is starting to show positive penetration into the Indonesian market. One form of commitment made is by holding a First Aid Training Program for Accidents (P3K), in mid-December 2023 to improve the quality of service.

This special initiative initiated by the Ojol inDrive application is an important component of the Top Driver Club Program which aims to improve service quality, ensure user safety and maintain transportation service standards.

Designed to effectively improve the quality of transportation services, the Top Driver Club program integrates important elements such as education, strict driver history checks, vehicle checks, and the provision of first aid equipment and first aid training by experienced health personnel.

For this inaugural edition, inDrive provided training to 200 participants, including car drivers who are members of the Top Driver Club program. Also followed were motorbike drivers from the Rapid Response Unit community who voluntarily took the initiative to help fellow drivers from various regions including Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi.

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The participants have undergone first aid training sessions, to equip them to handle emergency conditions on the road when an accident occurs.

This is inDrive’s effort to provide training to our drivers regarding “First Aid for Accidents (P3K)” before being referred to the hospital. In realizing a sustainable commitment to providing safe and comfortable travel for all its users.


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