Hyundai Care Program Hyundai Guarantee, Free Maintenance Service Fees for Up to 5 Years!

The existence of the Hyundai Guarantee Hyundai Guarantee Program means that Hyundai car owners don’t need to worry about aftersales. One of the benefits is free maintenance services for up to 5 years or 75 thousand kilometers (whichever comes first).

PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) is increasing after-sales innovation for customers with the tagline ‘Hyundai is here for you: Hyundai Keeps Hyundai Guarantee’ which increasingly provides a better vehicle ownership experience. worry-free for Hyundai customers.

After being introduced at the 2023 International Indonesia Motor Show (IIMS), Hyundai Present For You is now being developed by offering two approaches, namely Hyundai Jaga which provides various services to maintain the condition of the vehicle and Hyundai Guarantee which guarantees customer peace of mind while owning the vehicle.

“Hyundai consistently provides the best experiences that create peace of mind for customers throughout the period of vehicle ownership, including product quality and the best after-sales service. Therefore, this after-sales service update which has been designed according to customer needs is here to further maximize customer satisfaction, including for the increasing number of electric car owners. “With the presence of Hyundai Jaga and Hyundai Jamin, customers will increasingly get more comfort which can increase customer confidence in Hyundai,” explained Christian Abraham Gandawinata, Head of Sales Strategy Department PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (20/2).

For information, Hyundai Guarantee was previously known as the Hyundai Owner Assurance Program and only applied to Hyundai Stargazer (including Stargazer

Benefits of Hyundai Jaga

Hyundai Take Care of Hyundai Guarantee
One of the benefits of Hyundai Jaga is 24 hour Roadside Assistance

The following are the benefits of the Hyundai Jaga program for Hyundai car owners:

  1. Basic warranty for 3+1 years or 100,000 KM (whichever comes first).
  2. Free maintenance service fees for 5 years or 75,000 (whichever comes first).
  3. Free spare parts for regular maintenance for 3+1 years or 60,000 KM (whichever comes first).
  4. Free 24 hours Roadside Assistance (through Hyundai Call Center in 0-800-1-878-878)
  5. Availability of Hyundai Genuine Accessories consisting of 12 accessory items

Benefits Hyundai Guarantee

Hyundai Take Care of Hyundai Guarantee
One of the benefits of Hyundai Jamin is tire replacement costs

Hyundai Jamin offers a variety of benefits, including a guarantee for a new car replacement, a 70% selling price guarantee, a guarantee for repayment of installments, a guarantee for consumer medical costs, and a guarantee for tire replacement costs.

Previously, this variety of benefits could only be enjoyed by Creta and Stargazer users, but now the coverage is wider for owners of Ioniq 5, Ioniq 5 Batik and Ioniq 6 vehicles. Here are the details:

  • New car replacement guarantee*, namely a guarantee of replacing a new car with the same type, color and specifications if your car experiences damage of at least 50%. Valid for up to 1 year after the car is delivered.*
  • Guaranteed selling price of 70%**, which is a program that provides a guarantee for customers who want to exchange their Hyundai car for another new Hyundai car. With a car selling value of 70% of the initial purchase price in the first 3 years of ownership.
  • Guaranteed repayment of installments*, namely a guarantee of repayment of financing during the tenor period for the vehicle owner if there is an accident. Valid specifically for Hyundai Finance customers.
  • Guarantee medical costs for consumers*, namely guaranteeing the costs of medical care for drivers and passengers if they have an accident. This guarantee applies to a maximum of 7 people at a cost of up to IDR 100,000,000 per individual. This program is valid for up to 1 year after the car is received by the customer.
  • Guaranteed replacement of tire costs*, namely a guarantee of replacement costs for purchasing new tires of the same type and size for customers. This benefit is valid for 1 year after the vehicle is handed over and is given if the tire damaged in the accident can no longer be used.

Moladiners, that’s the information on the “Hyundai Guard Hyundai Guarantee” program from HMID.

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